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Welcome to archib.US, an open, user community-driven, collaborative site for sharing Archibus tools, tips, and techniques.

What is It's an Encyclopedia of Archibus user knowledge.

How to use the Wiki...

  • Search for a topic
  • If no relevant information is provided for a specific topic, feel free to create it!
  • If you run across a piece of information that you might benefit from referencing in the future, record it here so the community can benefit as well.

The Archibus community is made up of user groups around the world that support companies both large and small. Each company has it's own unique workflows and identity, but Archibus provides the flexibility to adapt to these specific needs. This website is intended to help Archibus users understand how to mold Archibus around the organization, and provide a platform for users to share information, letting us take some of the guesswork out of the software, by seeing what others have done.